The following project rules must be obeyed:

SIN Dogma is a tool, bound to SIN Tracker, to meet people in Second Life. It is designed to be used by adults only
Dogma is a database which contains Profiles that 
Second Life  users have submitted. 
The Dogma Profiles contain details of Users' sexual preferences together with other information, such as their gender, their availability (times online) in Second Life and their role-play limits. 
The information held in the Dogma database is private and confidential. It must not be disclosed without the express permission of the owner of the Dogma Profile.

The Dogma system is only to be accessed by users who are above the age of consent in their RL (Real Life) location, i.e. the State or Country that they live in in the Real World.
In most countries this means that anyone over the age of 18 years in RL (Real Life) is welcome. But the User's local age of consent is the deciding factor.

Respect for others is a must.
As in SL, mutual respect for others is necessary and vital.   
No bias or discrimination concerning such things as ethnicity, religion, gender, or disability, will be tolerated. 
The Dogma system is provided to help Second Life users to meet others with matching and/or complementary sexual preferences and feelings. 
As such, it is important for users to be aware of other users' feelings, emotions and to respect them.

No child AVs (Avatars). No immature SL avatars may use, or be listed on, the Dogma system. 
As stated above, the Dogma system is for Adult users. Avatars which appear, or purport to be, below the age of consent are not allowed in any circumstances, either by description in their Dogma Profiles or by appearance in Second Life.

Escorting for financial reward must be declared in the Dogma Profile
. If it is not mentioned - then payment of money is not allowed. The owners of the Dogma system appreciate that many people use the services of paid sex workers, or prostitutes, in RL. Many people also wish to use the same services in 
Second Life . However, the fact that it is a financial arrangement and that there will be a monetary charge MUST be stated and agreed BEFORE any role-play is initiated - otherwise payment of money, or payment in kind, is not allowed.

Violation of the Rules will result in the offender being banned. Any infringement of these rules should be reported to the owners of the Dogma System. If a complaint or report is made, the owners of the Dogma System will investigate and take action as they deem appropriate. The decision of the Owners of Dogma, after investigation has been made, is final and no appeal will be allowed. Violation of the above rules may result in the offender being ejected and barred from use of the Dogma system.

We do not give any guarantee, that nothing will be deleted in case of crash. SIN Team may delete inappropriate content any time without explanation.