SIN Tracker HELP


SIN Tracker is a search and kidnapping system, designed for adult roleplay : it allows users to easily find kinky play partners, wherever they may be in Second Life. It allows a precise search, has a rapidly growing community and is completely free to use. SIN Tracker is copy/modify/transfer, do not hesitate to send a copy to your friends.

SIN Tracker has also the web-part, that may be used separately - More information about SIN Dogma may be found here.

For support and feedback, just BECOME A MEMBER of the SIN TRACKER GROUP and ask the support team for help if needed: secondlife:///app/group/65667cd3-e98a-d1bb-0400-edb912cd8137/about . 
Or ask in SIN Dogma chat.
Or contact SIN Team via private message

We highly recommend to read roleplay tips, especially if you are new to roleplay in Second Life


SIN Tracker includes 3 HUDs, be sure to use them properly. 

If player's HUDs are too big or to small for you, you may simply resize them.

Step 1 : Wear SIN-T Setup HUD to define your options:

1. Choose your gender, role, preferences and limits. 
Of course, limits are very subjective, and the choice a user makes should not replace a "Limits" picture in his or her profile. Just a few hints about the levels of cruelty you may be willing to accept or to provide, though: 

  • if you do not like anything harder than a spanking and a bit of bondage, choose Soft
  • if you are not afraid of hard whipping : Medium
  • if branding, knife play, scarification are okay for you : Hardcore
  • if mutilation or snuff sound nicely to your ears, you have No Limits.

Once again and before anyone begins to argue about : those are just EXAMPLES. 

Other important point : there is no competition, and the limits level is totally unrelated to your level of experience or personal quality. There is no shame in being Soft, and no pride in the fact to choose No Limits. It's only a matter of personal taste and choice. Depending on your tastes and the flexibility of your kinks, you may choose only one, or many different limits levels. For example : if you choose "Hardcore" only, it means that you only enjoy this kind of roleplay. If you check "Soft", "Medium" and "Hardcore", it means that you enjoy each and any of those. 

2. Choose allowed actions:

  • MESSAGE : allows other users to anonymously message you.
  • TELEPORT : allows other users to teleport you to their location.
  • LISTEN : allows other users to listen to your Nearby Chat
  • DRUG : allows other users, when close enough to your avatar, to drug you and make you unable to resist for 120 seconds. 


3. Choose SAFE location: 

  •     When you will be on on the location marked as safe, it will be hidden in search by default.    

4. Choose HOME location:

  •     For kidnappers: choose the the place where you may teleport your victim, if you wish. It may be, for example, a cage in your home, or your favorite location in any public sim. You will always have the possibility to choose where to teleport your victim - to you or to your "HOME" location.

5. Profile picture:

  •     Profile picture will be placed by default.
  •     You may decide to use your SL profile picture or define a different one.
  •     To add a custom picture to the HUD:
    • Click the Picture field and wait for a blue pop-up window to appear. 
    • Drag the texture from your inventory (while keeping CTRL button pressed) to the Picture field. 
    • Click READY in the blue window. 
    • Click SAVE. 
  •     There is another way to add a picture : through chat command.
    •    /23 picture [UUID of your picture] : adds a custom picture
    •    /23 picture profile : adds your SL profile picture

6. Add profile information:  

  • You may add some extra informations (no more than 256 characters).  To do it, click the blank white field, wait for the blue pop-up window to appear and type your information there. You also can do it using SIN Dogma profile edit.

Press SAVE when all is done. 

Now, you may detach the setup HUD. Re-attach it to change any of your options later.


Step 2 : Wear your player's HUD:

You only have to wear one single HUD. We recommend to use the SIN-T Search HUD,  for it includes all functions for both roles - kidnappers and victims. But if you have to minimize scripts and do not need any function except to be present in search, you may rather use SIN-T Beacon.


 If you use RLV viewer, your beacon is locked when you are online. If you want to detach your beacon, SWITCH it OFF and detach.

 Two ways to switch it off:

 1. Touch the SIN logo, uncheck the box "Online" in the sliding panel

 2. Type " /23 off " in local chat 

For both SIN-T search HUD and SIN-T beacon HUD :

Touch the  [SIN] logo. Choose your status :

  • ONLINE - Online and completely available.
  • BUSY - Visible in search, but unavailable - all functions are disabled. But people may read your profile and try to kidnap you later, when you won't be busy anymore.
  • HIDE MY LOCATION - your current location will be hidden, but all other actions (message, TP etc) will work. 


If you are kidnapped or drugged, your HUD will switch into BUSY mode automatically. Do not forget to switch back ONLINE when you finish and want more dark stories.

SIN-T search HUD:

The HUD used to search and/or kidnap partners. 

  • On the SEARCH page : define the kind of partner you are looking for and press the "Search" button. 
  • On the SEARCH RESULT page : 
    • Click on a portrait to open the SIN profile of the user. 
    • Click on a name to open the SL profile of the user.  
    • Click on the red cross to hide a user and see another one instead or use arrows to see more users. 
      The Search Results page will show you the 8 first persons answering to your search criteria. In order to show more results, just close the first tabs : new persons will replace the deleted ones. Or use the arrows.
  • On the PROFILE page: read the profile and choose an action you wish (the allowed actions are marked as red):
    • Click on the name or the portrait: a link to the SL profile will appear in local chat.
    • Сlick on the location : a window opens in the upper-right corner of your screen, offering you a teleport to the person.
  • BLACKLIST: the person will now appear as "banned" in your search, and will not be able to contact nor to kidnap you, nor even see in his search results. 
  • MARK a person you like, if you want to kidnap her/him again. Marked profiles will be shown in your search at the first page.
  • MESSAGE: send an anonymous message to the person
  • LISTEN : listen what the person says in local chat.
  • TP TO ME: teleport your victim to you.
  • TP HOME: teleport your victim to the locations you defined before (in the setup HUD).
  • DRUG: drug and kidnap the person. If you are closer than in 5 meters from the victim, you may drag (just step away, your victim will follow you) the drugged persons where you wish. Or teleport. The victim remains "drugged" for 120 seconds.
    To TP drugged victim to you, you may use the HUD, or send her/him a direct request: it will automatically be accepted.
    Note: There are two possibilities to drug a person
    • Come close and press the "drug" button.
    • Use the gun (included in package), to shoot/tranquilize a victim. The maximal distance  is 30 meters. But remember that to grab and drag your victim, you must come closer (5 meters).
  • USE: Works only with DRUG action. Allows kidnappers to become access to any sin compatible thing, worn on the victim. The access removes automatically when the victim changes her status back to ONLINE after the game.
  • SIT TO : force your victim to sit on a nearby scripted piece of furniture


If the location where you are has a landing point, your victim will be teleport to this landing point. If you have used DRUG first and then TELEPORT - your victim will be teleport to you (or to your home location) in any case.

If your victim is on HUNTING GROUND, you won't be able to use "TP TO ME". You can only come and kidnap your victim.

SIN-T beacon HUD:

This  small and very low scripted HUD allows you to be identified and visible in search. Green means "ON", red means "OFF". Just click the beacon to change your status.

SIN-T beacon may be also used for Dogma chat and search, without letting you be kidnapped. Just set it to BUSY. You will be shown on SIN Dogma, able to receive Dogma messages in-world, but not available for kidnapping.


NOTE: ALL what you may do via chat commands, may be done via SIN-T Setup HUD and SIN-T search HUD. But if you use a beacon, chat commands are useful.

Chat commands work on channel 23

  • ON/OFF

  /23 ON or /23 OFF to change your online status

  Note: if you user RLV viewer, you must go offline to be able to detach the HUD.


  /23 busy - switch BUSY state or:

      /23 busy on or /23 busy 1 - enables busy state

      /23 busy off or /23 busy 0 - disables busy state


  /23 hide or /23 hl - switch hide location or

      /23 hide or /23 hl with 1 or on - enables hide location

      /23 hide or /23 hl with 0 or off - disables hide location

  • SAFE LOCATION (location, hidden by default):

  /23 home or /23 home set - sets current parcel as safe location

  /23 home clear - clears safe location

  • HOME LOCATION (location where your victims will be TPed by default)

  /23 cell or /23 cell set - sets current parcel as tp target

  /23 cell clear - clears tp target


  /23 ban firstname lastname

  /23 ban firstname.lastname


You have to type only firstname for "resident" users. Names are case incentive.


  /23 unban firstname lastname

    /23 unban firstname.lastname


You have to type only firstname for "resident" users. Names are case insentive

  • USER Quantity

  /23 count -  shows how many users are online this moment.

Step 3

Enjoy your hunt, or wait in fear.


  • SIN Tracker doesn't include RLV relay functions. If you would like complete helplessness, wear any RLV relay.

  • If you want your kidnapper to have access to some of the things you wear, look for SIN compatible things. You may easily find them on Marketplace

  • For your entertainment,  we made a SIN USE script for any Open Collar based item and a SIN GUN script, for any unscripted weapon you may wish to use. You may find the scripts, examples and other stuff in SIN HQ or SIN Glass'n'stone Club.

  • To put the USE script into your Open Collar or Open Cuffs item, rez it on the ground and drop the script into.

  • To put the GUN script into your gun, read the notecard, included in package.

  • These scripts are only for PERSONAL use. If you would like to create a "SIN Compatible gun" or Collar" for sale, contact SIN Team.

  • For your entertainment,  HUNTING GROUNDS exist in SL: sims, where all sinners, who have "drug" action enabled, are visible on the panels, when they are present in the sim. Check the hunting boards (usually near the entrance): there will be information about you, possibility to see the SL profile and the SIN picture (make sure that you have one). In those places you cannot be teleported via SIN, use direct TP, or  just drag your victim to a calm corner : Hunting Grounds always include places where to play.


  • Griefers are not welcome in SIN-Tracker. Griefing, and, more generally, unappropriated behaviour may result in temporary or permanent ban. Unappropriated behaviours may be reported to the staff.

  • The staff will take no part in personal conflicts. But disturbing all the user's community will be punished.

  • Please keep your dirty vocabulary for your role playing sessions only : on the group chat, mutual respect is mandatory. 

  • The group chat language is English.

It has nothing to do with tolerance : it's only about mutual understanding. Please respect your fellow SINners and do not use another language on the group chat if not absolutely necessary.  None of the SIN creators has English as a native language.  And of course, each of us would prefer his or her own language to be freely used on the group chat. But if we did such a thing, the group chat would quickly become a Babel tower.  That's why there is one and only one language on the group chat : English. Not because we like this language particularly. Not because we despise other languages. Just because we acknowledge the fact that English is, today, the most common international language. 

This doesn't mean that other languages have to completely disappear from the chat : do not hesitate to ask for help in a specific language. "Quelqu'un parle français ? J'ai besoin d'aide" or "Кто-то говорит по-русски? Нужна помощь" remains perfectly accepted. But please keep longer conversations in IM.


Last versions of the SIN Tracker are always available in many places and this list always grows.  Or on Marketplace.

We highly recommend to visit these places and to use them for great shopping or as the interesting playgrounds.