SIN Dogma is an offline tool to let kinky people connect to one another in Second Life, when they  are not in-world. It is bound to SIN Tracker HUD, you must wear the HUD to receive your dogma password, also you have to wear it, if you want to be visible while online and receive messages in-world. If you are not into kidnapping, but want to use SIN Dogma, wear SIN Tracker beacon (included in package) and set it to BUSY (command /23busy in LC).

SIN Dogma is designed for ADULT roleplay: it allows users to easily find kinky play partners. It has absolutely neutral interface, it works on mobiles and tablets, anywhere and anytime you have a wish to be your character, but have no possibility to login in-world. You may, as example, find there new possible partners and deal for an appointment. Or control your submissive. Or send and receive messages. In case, if you use Dogma website, being logged in-world too, you can even teleport to a character you have found or teleport a character to your own place in-world (to be added soon).

SIN Dogma profiles have much more information. There are more pictures, more details about a character, roleplay preferences and examples, time, when a person comes online usually, and a lot of other details you may find interesting. Soon enough we will add more features to this website, like news, group chat, information about interesting places and announces for upcoming events.