• What is Second life?
    Second life is a virtual world and community. See more on Second Life website.

  • Where I can download Second Life client?
    Download an official client or an alternative version

  • Where I can register to SIN Dogma
    New to Second Life? Download the client  from www.secondlife.com  and create your avatar 
    Buy SIN Tracker package for L$1 from Marketplace or take it from SIN Tracker Head Quarter
    Setup your SIN Tracker profile.
    Create your your password by typing /23pass.
    Login to this website, using your SL username and generated password.

  • What if I forgot SIN Dogma password?
    Login to Second Life via viewer, wear SIN Tracker and create your password by typing
    /23pass in local chat.
    SIN Team does not know nor keep your password and has no abilities to restore it!

  • How to use search?
    Type the words you want to see in profiles in the search field. You will receive a lit of people you may wish to contact.
    "prey sub tpe online"

  • How to receive messages?
    You may see all incoming messages in your inbox (grey envelope on top right corner).

  • How to chat?
    Just IM the person you want to chat with.