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SIN Dogma is an offline tool to let kinky people connect to one another in Second Life, when they  are not in-world. 

This tool  is designed for ADULT roleplay: it allows users to easily find kinky play partners, wherever they may be in Second Life and has a rapidly growing community.  SIN Dogma is bound to the SIN Tracker HUD, enabling Sin Tracker users to find one another, chat and plan a game when they are unable to use a Second Life client.But it enables more than the above functions. This website may be used separately for chatting and looking for a partner for a BDSM relationship. In the nearest future, some special tools will be added for this.

SIN Dogma has a database which contains Profiles that Second Life users have submitted. It also allows users to :  

  • generate more detailed profiles, 
  • add pictures, 
  • add times when they will be online,
  • add roleplay examples and stories,
  • use a messaging system outside of Second Life,
  • join the SIN Karma Lottery and see results,
  • create and share your kinky stories.


The Sin Team does not have any access to Second Life profiles and never will ask you for your Second Life password. 

We do NOT store any credentials to your account.